Fluorine redirect from Flourine do no be confused the correct spelling is fluorine

Flourine ichemical element inesymbol F neatomic number 9.ilightest halogen uye ine pale yellow color.igas riri most reactive including noble gases.fluorocarbon gases ndiwo mamost greenhouse gases.


simplified structure of flourine

flourine inemaelectrons nine.ine highest electronegativity than any otherelements [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLOFaWdPxB0 watch this video of fluorine reacting with caesium]

flourine reacting with alkali metals will cause explosion.hydrogen yakareacter neflourine panoika explosion kunge maalkali metals.Carbon tetrachloride haisi combustible but normally explodes when mixed with it. paroom temperature flourine is diatomic molecule.Flourine inumber 13 pamost abundant elemenntt on earth



fluorine inewanikwa mufluorite stone netopaz.Fluorine mumaindustries inotorwa from electrolysis ye potassium flouride kana kuti hydrogen fluoride , flourine inobiswa from its compounds under 8-12 volts.