• Nyamandes are found in all provinces across Zimbabwe, folklore has it that the Nyamande's are believed to be rulers and so wherever they go, they want to rule. If they are not able to rule, they are likely to move to attempt to assert their rule elsewhere. This is the reason why they are found everywhere.

the ruling class however would stand a better chance of asserting their rule if they settled in one place and established their rots and a reputation, while their jypsy-type lifestyle often makes then lose respect everywhere they go.

  • Although they can be found in all professions, they are also not known for one type of occupation or lineage due to their movements and adoption of different various lifestyles and cultures.

The original "Mandes" where from Tanzania, where they ruled, but due to some family feud regarding who was to assume as ruler after the King Mande fell ill and died. This feud left the throne unoccupied while most of the Mande tribesmen and their families left the kingdom.