Mutezo (large part of a slaughtered animal).

Mitauro yeBantuEdit

  • VaSwahili neVaZigula vanoti chiungo (n. joint of the body; 2. organ of the body, body part) kureva nhengo kana mutezo wemuviri.
  • VaKongo vanoti teza (v. to measure, weigh, try, test, gauge, compare) zvichireva kupima.
  • VaKongo vanoti tezo (n. measure, weigh, gauge, rule, scale, size, model, plan, pattern, design, copy, test, degree, proportion, dimension, length, width, distance).
  • VaBukusu vanoti eenyeengo (joint, node, space between two joints, of finger, wrist, sugarcane, measurement of one joint of a finger).
  • VaDigo vanoti chilungo (organ, body part) kureva mutezo wemuviri. VaDigo vanoti ungo (a joint of the body, the body as a whole, and in particular the back).